How to Make a Halloween Pom Pom Wreath

It’s time for round 2 of Halloween yarn crafting! If you missed it last week, we made the cutest amigurumi crochet bats. This week we’re making a Halloween pom pom wreath that features a little crochet spider hanging from his web.

We’ll talk you through the materials and tools you’ll need to make this Halloween craft project, how to use a pom pom maker, and how to create a spider web and spider. We used some gorgeous seasonal colours from our brand new 4ply acrylic range, which is super soft and really easy to work with. ­We used orange, lilac, cream and black – but you can choose whatever colours you think will look best on your front door.

Not everyone will be going out trick or treating this year, so this would be a perfect activity to do with your little ones to get them in the Halloween spirit and keep them busy on Halloween night!

Skill Level: Easy

For this project, you will need:

  • 4ply Acrylic yarn in Lime Green, Lilac Orchid, Orange, Black and Cream
  • Pom pom makers in different sizes
  • Cardboard
  • Felt sheet (2 A4 pieces)
  • Ribbon (for hanging the wreath)
  • Sewing needle
  • Sharp scissors
  • Tape
  • Glue gun




  1. To start with, we need to make the base of the wreath – you can buy these from a craft store but if you want to be thrifty, all you need is some leftover cardboard. Cut the cardboard into a donut style ring. We used a pin, some string, and a pencil to draw a larger circle with a 14cm radius and a smaller circle with a 7cm radius. If you’re worried about your cardboard not being able to hold the weight of the wreath, double up the thickness and glue the pieces together. Cut a slot at the top of your cardboard ring big enough to slot your ribbon through.
  2. Using your cardboard ring as a template, cut out a ring of felt the same shape and size. If you’re using 2 A4 sheets of felt, you’ll need to stitch them together.

3. To make the spiders web, cut 3 strands of cream or white yarn and tape them to the cardboard as shown in the picture above. This can look as messy as you like, as we’ll cover this part of the cardboard with the felt sheet – so make it nice and secure with as much tape as you need.

4. Taking 2 more strands of the cream yarn, create knots on the original 3 strands to finish the web, as shown in the pictures above. Working from left to right, thread the yarn underneath the original strand and tie with a knot – tape the loose ends down as shown.

5. Crochet the spider using purple/lilac yarn and attach to the cardboard ring with more tape as in the picture above (remember all of this messy tape will be covered up!). We used this pattern to make the crochet spider and some Violet acrylic yarn – googly eyes would be a great addition here!

Tip – If you’re not a crocheter, you could always make your spider as a pom pom and use matching pipe cleaners for legs!

6. Using the hole in the top of the cardboard, loop through and tie on your ribbon – we secured ours with a staple after our first version fell down… A staple on version 2.0 made it extra secure though!

7. To make the pom poms, wrap the yarn tightly around both parts of the pom pom maker until it’s really full, and cut the yarn down the middle. Tie the pom pom around the middle with matching yarn, making sure it’s really tight and leaving plenty of tail.

8. Trim each pom pom to shape it into a nice round sphere – take your time here if you want perfectly round pom poms (we like to leave ours quite fluffy and so do minimal trimming).

9. Sew each pom pom to the felt ring using the tails and a needle, and secure with a knot.

10. Glue the felt ring to the cardboard ring, covering up all of the tape and cardboard – you can also secure it with staples if you don’t think your glue is strong enough.

All that’s left to do is hang it up!

This easy Halloween pom pom wreath is the perfect project to do this Halloween, particularly if you have any bored little ones who aren’t going trick or treating this year. Our 4ply acrylic range is perfect for pom pom making as it makes a really soft fluffy pom pom.


We want to see your wreaths! If you make a wreath of your own, make sure you share them on Instagram and Facebook and tag us using @Woolyknit so that we see them!


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