Is Knitting the New Yoga?


This week on the blog, we are posing the question: Is Knitting The New Yoga? Quarantine seems to have brought out the creative side in all age groups.

It is said that practices like yoga and meditation can warp our perception of time, making it shorter or longer. Have you ever sat down with your knitting on your knee and looked at the time think its been 20 minutes, yet it has been a few hours. With the rhythmic motion of the needles, you enter a peaceful place within, just like with meditation.


“Mindfulness can be a difficult technique to teach, particularly to those who need it the most – the highly stressed, those suffering chronic pain or depression. These conditions make it difficult to concentrate the mind. Knitting is exciting because it opens up the benefits of Mindfulness to everyone.”

For most, knitting is an effective relaxation practice. Meditation and mindfulness are all about being centred, grounded and aware of your breathing. Within moments of picking up your yarn, you will notice your breathing slow down, eventually, the outside world fades into the background, the time-sensitive worries of daily tasks disappear for a few moments.

Some patterns are more complex, requiring more focus, attention. While these aren’t ‘Zen-Out’ patterns, they do focus your mind solely on the details. After a busy day at the office, the school run, making tea, finances and most recently the worries from coronavirus it can be hard to empty your mind from the tasks of life. Knitting can be a relaxing 20 minutes a day you take for yourself, creating a rhythm of movement, making it feel like a meditation.



Benefits Of Knitting:

  • Lowered blood pressure.
  • Reduced depression and anxiety.
  • Slowed onset of dementia.
  • Distraction from chronic pain.
  • Increased sense of well-being.
  • Reduced loneliness and isolation.


The repetitive nature of knitting induces a relaxing state. Which we feel we could all do with reducing our stress, anxiety and overall mental health. Even just for a few moments a day.

Your mental well-being should always be the main priority.

There Is Peace in Every Stitch


We have added some of our beginner patterns to encourage you to pick up some needles and take a moment for yourself.

If you would like to speak to someone regarding your mental health please get in touch with the charities below:


 Mental Health Foundation

 020 7803 1101

 Improving the lives of those with mental health problems or learning difficulties.



 020 7780 7300

 Supports people through mental health services.


The Centre for Mental Health

 020 7827 8300

 Working to improve the quality of life for people with mental health problems.


BACP Find a Therapist Directory

 01455 883300

 Through the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) you can find out more about counselling services in your area.


PANDAS Foundation

 0843 28 98 401 (every day from 9am-8pm)

 PANDAS Foundation vision is to support every individual with pre (antenatal), postnatal depression or postnatal psychosis in England, Wales and Scotland. We campaign to raise awareness and remove the stigma. We provide our PANDAS Help Line, Support Groups offer online advice to all and much more. 



0300 123 3393

We provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. 

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