Crochet Blanket Storage Basket Pattern

This easy crochet storage basket is the perfect project to do over a weekend and is a lovely functional piece of home decor with a modern, minimalist look. This pattern is made using our new Rug Making Yarn, giving a strong and sturdy structure that doesn’t get fluffy and frayed like a more traditional super chunky wool.

Available in 1.7kg hanks, you’ll have enough of our Rug Making Yarn for this pattern plus a little extra if you’d like to make your basket a bit larger or if you want to make a second smaller basket to match. Once you get the hang of the basics of this pattern, it’s really simple to alter the width and height, making it easy to create a basket that’s the perfect size for whatever you’d like to fill it with. You can find details on how to adjust the size under the ‘Final Size’ section of the pattern.

As the pattern is written, this storage basket is a great size for storing a couple of blankets and keeping in the corner of your living room. It would also make a great basket for storing your wool and work in progress projects, or as a pretty toy basket.

If you make one of our storage baskets, we’d love to see it – remember to tag us on Instagram using @Woolyknit or send us your photos in an email. And if you want to see more modern crochet homeware patterns like this one on our blog, let us know in the comments.

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This pattern is now also available as a kit! In each kit, you’ll receive 1700g of Rug Making Yarn, a 12mm crochet hook and a printed copy of our storage basket pattern.

Materials & tools

12mm crochet hook | Woolyknit Rug Making Yarn (approx. 1000g) | darning needle

Base diameter = 40cm; height (to top of handles) = 30cm

If you’d like to adjust the size of your storage basket, you can do this by increasing/decreasing the number of rows on the base and sides. (ie Continue to increase the number of stitches in the spiral past row 13, and repeat more rows of dc after row 28).

STITCH ABBREVIATIONS: (pattern is written in UK terms – for US terms, change dc to sc)
dc – double crochet
inc – increase
BLO – back loops only
ch – chain
sk – skip
sl st – slip stitch
st(s) – stitches

Pattern is worked in a spiral. Increase stitches for the base are staggered to create a more rounded circle rather than a hexagonal shape. See images for row 30 for detail on how to make the handles.


Row 1 – 6 dc in magic ring

Row 2 – inc around, placing 2 dc in each st (12 sts)

Row 3 – (inc, dc) x 6 (18 sts)

Row 4 – dc in first st, (inc, dc in next 2 sts) x 5, inc, dc in next st (24 sts)

Row 5 – (inc, dc 3) x 6 (30 sts)

Row 6 – dc 3, (inc, dc 4) x 5, inc, dc (36 sts)

Row 7 – (inc, dc 5) x 6 (42 sts)

Row 8 – dc 4, (inc, dc 6) x 5, inc, dc 2 (48 sts)

Row 9 – (inc, dc 7) x 6 (54 sts)

Row 10 – dc 5, (inc, dc 8) x 5, inc, dc 3 (60 sts)

Row 11 – (inc, dc 9) x 6 (66 sts)

Row 12 – dc 3, (inc, dc 10) x 5, inc, dc 7 (72 sts)

Row 13 – (inc, dc 11) x 6 (78 sts)

Row 14 – dc around in BLO (78 sts)

Row 15-28 – dc around in both loops of each st (78 sts)

Row 29 – dc 17, ch 8, sk 5, dc 34, ch 8, sk 5, dc 17

Row 30 – dc 17, 10 dc into space, dc 34, 10 dc into space, dc 17
‘Space’ = gap created by chains and skipped stitches. Do not work into back loop of chain. (See image below)

Join to first st with a sl st.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

That’s it! A strong and sturdy storage basket that would make a lovely addition to your home. If you’d like to see more modern crochet homeware patterns, make sure you let us know in the comments section.

Because this yarn is a little stiffer than others, it can be tough on your wrists, so remember to take breaks to stretch your hands and fingers!

If you make one of our storage baskets, we’d love to see it! Remember to tag us on Instagram using @Woolyknit or send us your photos in an email.

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