Online Knitting Communities: How to Stay Connected from Home

With the whole world having collectively turned to a more virtual reality, we have unwittingly lost a lot of our everyday social connections. Whether it’s chatting about wool with a member of staff at your LYS, or learning a top tip from someone in your local knitting group, we’re missing out on so many small spontaneous moments with fellow knitters.

Now that the world is returning to some sort of normality, some of us may be nervous to go back to the way things were. So if you’re hesitant to return to your community events, craft shops and local cafes, here are some ways that you can stay connected to your knitting community and continue to be uplifted and inspired by fellow wool addicts from your home.


Instagram is filled with niche communities that love to share inspiration and encouragement with like-minded strangers from around the world. There are so many hashtags out there that connect a community of people, like our very own hashtag #Woolyknit. In our hashtag, you’ll find a collection of beautiful makes shared by talented knitters, weavers and crocheters. When you find a project that you love on Instagram, be sure to like, share, comment and DM because there is nothing more heart-warming than a compliment from a complete stranger. You’re guaranteed to find something that inspires your next project and it’s a great place to explore if you’d like to find some fellow crafters to chat with.

Instagram is the best place for us to see what you’ve been making with our Woolyknit wool. So if you’d like your project to be featured on our blog in our Your Wooly Knits series, remember to use the hashtag #YourWoolyKnits and tag us using @Woolyknit.



Hosting or joining a knitting/craft group can be a great way to combat loneliness and meet new makers that you can share tips and ideas with. If you’d like to start your own group but are experiencing Zoom fatigue, your group doesn’t need to meet regularly over a video call – you could start a Facebook page or a group chat where you can share photos of projects that you’re working on or links to any yarn sales that you might have spotted.

Having a group chat will give you somewhere to be encouraged and inspired without the pressure of attending regular events. Groups are an amazing pool of love, support and a shared passion, and can be as small as 3 people or as large as 3,000.



A knit-a-long is something that you can host with your knitting group, or if you aren’t in a group, you can find many online and on social media that you can take part in alongside lots of other people from around the world. They’ll often involve videos or Facebook groups where everyone involved will share their progress and knitting tips. It can be a great way to try a challenging pattern, or one that you wouldn’t usually choose, as you have a whole group to support you along the way.

If you’d like to see Woolyknit host a KAL, let us know in the comments what type of project you’d like to make.



Teaching a friend or family member about the world of knitting will not only give them a lifelong skill and hobby (and lifeline in case of dropped stitch emergencies), but it will also give you a knitting buddy to share tips and project ideas with. Learning to knit is also a great distraction and moment of peace away from the rest of the world. Why not set up a regular video call and bring a coffee or glass of wine? If you make an event out of it, it will become something that you spend the whole week looking forward to.


Knitting communities are an amazing source of support, friendship, and inspiration, and staying at home doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on all of that.

If you have any other ideas of how to stay connected to knitting communities online, leave them in the comments section bellow. Whilst you’re there, why not introduce yourself and share your Instagram handle so that other Woolyknitters can find you and say hi!

Remember to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with all of our online events.

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