Video: A Quick Guide to Winding a Warp

Weaving is an art that can seem rather daunting and complex to a beginner, so to get you started, Kate and Annie have put together a series of video guides to help demystify the world of loom weaving.

In this video, Kate shows us how to wind an indirect warp using a warping board. This video is a great one to save and come back to each time you wind a warp, as Kate demonstrates each step from changing yarn colours to adding your counting ties.

This video is intended as an aid to remembering the steps, not as a tutorial.



Owner of Wiseheart Textiles, designer and weaver Kate makes beautiful woven textiles with the intent of using traditional crafting techniques to create stunning pieces for a modern, sustainable home. As well as sharing her finished woven pieces, Kate also shares her time and knowledge in weaving and spinning workshops, all of which can be found on the Wiseheart and Wild online shop.

credit: Wisheart & Wild

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