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Wool being graded at British Wool

At Woolyknit, we specialise in 100% British wool products but have lots of different types of yarns for all your creations. All British wool is graded to ensure it meets the highest standards of quality insurance. British wool is also known for being kind to animals, environmentally sustainable, traceable, socially responsible and non-mulesed. Wool is a 100% natural, renewable and sustainable material. It’s natural crimp and elasticity means it can endure constant wear and the tiny air pockets help keep us warm in winter, and cool in summer.

The 3 sheep breeds we use in our yarn are Suffolk, Jacob and Merino. Suffolk has evolved from crossing a Southdown ram with a Norfolk Horn ewe, it has a fine fleece that’s very densely grown and can be distinguished by their black face and feet. Jacob has a naturally coloured fleece, it ranges from cream to almost black and can be seen with either 2 or 4 horns. Merino has one of the finest, softest fleeces so you can comfortably wear it next to your skin. All of the wools at Woolyknit are sourced from parts of the world where mulesing is not practiced.

Our Story

Woolyknit was founded by Roger Shepley of Shepley Yarns LTD. He utilises his lifetime’s knowledge within the spinning and wool processing industry to create original yarns and fibres for both retail and wholesale customers. Our office and warehouse are based in Warth Mill, Saddleworth which has always had an important role in the wool and textile industries of Yorkshire and Lancashire. Our office, still based in an old working mill, is the perfect setting for any passionate wool business to thrive.

Visit us in Person

Here at Woolyknit, we love being able to meet and talk to our customers in person. If you’d like to visit us and chat about all things yarn, there are a few ways you can do so. You can visit us in our warehouse shop, located on the 2nd floor of Warth Mill in Diggle, Saddleworth. Alternatively, we attend a number of wool shows a year where you can visit our Woolyknit stand. To find out which shows we’ll be attending this year, check out our events page – https://www.woolyknit.com/events/

Woolyknit stand at The Wool Monty

Meet the Team

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