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My favourite thing to knit … Heather the shop manager

Woolyknit shop manager Heather, is a dab hand at all things crafty.


At 18 years old, she pursued her love of crafts and fabric and moved to Scotland to open a fabric shop in Motherwell. This shop was open for 30 years. After a move to setting up a factory in Oldham which produced ski-hats and beanies, Heather began working at Woolyknit for a couple of mornings a week. With an employee change at the company, Heather landed the shop manager role.


She said, “Knitting is a passion and as natural as breathing, it’s very therapeutic and seeing the progress at the end of a week is really satisfying.”


Starting at 17, Heather has almost always knitted. When watching TV, she finds herself having to knit or producing something crafty.


Heather’s favourite knits are great big blankets consisting of squares which are all pieced together at the end. Each smaller square can take up to one hour to knit, but the end result is more than worth the effort. Making big baggy jumpers is another passion of Heather’s, particularly using shades of black and grey for her knits.


Knitting for herself, family and friends, Heather also enjoys producing baby clothes and blankets for her grandson.


Come along to the shop and tell us about your favourite knits.

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